Awards Dinner Winners 2014

The club had a great night at our Awards Dinner in the Silverbirch Hotel last Thursday 24th April.

We were joined by our guests from USA who along with the players, were treated to superb entertainment from Omagh Community Youth Choir. Thank you to all who attended and helped organise the event.

All photos from the evening can be viewed on our facebook page by clicking here.

Here are the list of our award winners. Well done to all!


MVP – Stephen McGlynn

Most Improved – Padraig Donovan
Defensive Player of the Year – Stephen McGlynn
Rookie of the Year – Devin McKellar
Under 16 Boys
MVP – Tiyrone Weir
Most Improved – Jack Hall
Team Spirit – Adam McDowell

Adam McDowell receives Team Spirit award for U16 Boys from Coach Brian Donaghy

Adam McDowell receives Team Spirit award for U16 Boys from Coach Brian Donaghy

Under 14 Boys
MVP – Mark Hayes
Most Improved – Ronan Bradley
Team Spirit – Dara Hayes
Under 12 Boys and Girls
MVP – Sean Corry
Most Improved – Siobhan McCullagh
Team Spirit – Aidan McDowell


Omagh Thunder seniors play-offs match reports

BNI Division 2 Playoff Semi Final

Omagh Thunder vs Newry Flyers

A busy week for the Omagh men started last Tuesday taking on the Newry Flyers on their home court at the Station Centre.

The Thunder were pumped up for this semi-final encounter and raced out to an early lead with Devin McKellar and Stephen McGlynn dominating under the basket. The Omagh big men ripped down offensive rebounds for easy scores and intimidated Newry on the defensive end with some huge blocked shots.

Omagh’s guards were knocking down their outside shots and defending well to stretch the lead out over the second and third quarter to give a comfortable 30 point lead going into the last quarter. The Thunder secured the win and their place in the final vs Magherafelt in De La Salle Sports Complex in Andersonstown the following Sunday.

Final score

Omagh Thunder 77

Newry Flyers 53



BNI Division 2 Playoff Final

Omagh Thunder vs Magherafelt Titans

The Thunder seniors had split their games with the Titans in the league this season; Omagh winning in the last second back in November and Magherafelt beating Omagh by 12 on their home court in January.

Both teams had a slow start to the game with some big-game nerves showing. Magherafelt edged the first quarter behind aggressive rebounding and a lot of free-throws. Omagh were struggling to find and offensive rhythm early on but eventually countered back with some great ball movement and outside shooting to narrow the Titans lead to 5 points at halftime.

In the third quarter Omagh fought hard to come back into the game closing the gap to 2 points with 2 minutes to go in the quarter. Magherafelt then went on a scoring spree, taking advantage of Omagh’s slow transition defense to score 11 easy points from layups in the final 2 minutes. This was a dagger in Omagh’s back leaving them reeling going into the final quarter.

The Thunder defense improved to start the final quarter but they could not find the bottom of the net to decrease the deficit. Overall the Magherafelt lads out-rebounded and out-ran Omagh to secure the win and win the playoff cup by 20 points.

The loss was a disappointing end to the season but the Thunder seniors have had a great run winning 14 of 17 games overall and winning the BNI Division 2 league title. Next season Omagh Thunder will move onwards and upwards to Division 1 for a new challenge.

Final score

Omagh Thunder 41

Magherafelt Titans 61

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Omagh Thunder Senior team top the league

Omagh Thunder Seniors beat Banbridge Eagles to top BNI Division 2 with a record of 12 wins and 2 losses. They now face Newry Fliers in the playoff semi finals for a place in the final on Sunday 30th March.

omagh thunder

Omagh Thunder senior team top BNI Division 2

Omagh Thunder Vs. Banbridge Eagles

Last Tuesday, 11th March, Omagh Thunder Basketball Club finished top in the Division Two BNI league after defeating Banbridge Eagles, securing them a position in the playoffs. Omagh Thunder won 14 of their 16 games this season and remains hopeful for the upcoming playoff semi-finals.

Thunder were quick to the lead in their match-up against Banbridge as Omaghs Devin Mc Kellar fought hard under the basket to put up the first points of the night. The Eagles did well to close out any driving opportunities for Thunder however this went down well for Omaghs captain Aidan Bradley who took advantage by effortlessly nailing three 3-point shots which quickly escalated Omaghs lead. Omaghs Joey Hale was also on form scoring 11 points in the first quarter giving Omagh Thunder a 15 point lead going into the second quarter of the game with a score of 24-9.

The Eagles were quick to change their defensive approach by closing down the outside shooters in the second quarter. Both teams put full effort into their defence making it difficult for any offensive opportunities on both ends. Omaghs Stephen Mc Glynn showed great performance under the basket in rebounding and went in hard on offence to put up his first points of the night, as well as Vytaras Jankus who secured further points for Omagh Thunder. The Eagles did well to stop Omagh from gaining a greater lead however Thunder still remained in the lead with a score of 33-22 going into the third quarter.

In the third quarter, Omagh Thunder started to further their lead by getting the ball inside to Stephen Mc Glynn who dominated under the basket, driving in hard against the Eagles and putting 10 points on the scoreboard. The Weigh Inn’s MVP of the night Aidan Bradley too seemed unstoppable in his outside shooting giving Omagh Thunder a further lead going into the final quarter of the game. Omagh Thunder were 20 points up going into the final quarter with the score 51-31 to Omagh.

As the fourth quarter got underway the Eagles showed no sign of giving up and persevered, challenging Omagh for possession however with the defensive efforts of Colin Donnelly and Don Hunter, the Eagles were unable to make any comeback giving Omagh Thunder a well deserved win to place them on top of the Division Two BNI league.


Final Score

Omagh Thunder – 65

Banbridge Eagles – 43

Omagh Thunder Vs. Newry Fliers

Tuesday, 4th March, Omagh Thunder went head to head against Newry Fliers. Omagh Thunder got off to a swift start with Aidan Bradley hitting a tough 3-point shot over Newrys defence however the Fliers fought hard on the court and managed a two point lead going into the second quarter with the score 14-12 to Fliers.


It was the performance in the second and third quarter of the game that pushed Omagh Thunder out in front, especially in the third quarter, were Omagh Thunder restricted the Fliers to only four points whilst nailing in twenty-one of their own which secured them the lead and ultimately won them the game. The final score ended 57-36 to Omagh Thunder.


Final Score

Omagh Thunder – 57

Newry Fliers – 36

Seniors top the league!

Thunder seniors beat Banbridge tonight 65-43 to win the league and secure top seed in next week’s playoffs! Well done lads!

League winners 2013-14

League winners 2013-14

Omagh Thunder Vs. Belfast Rising Star

Last Saturday, 1st March, Omagh Thunder travelled to Belfast to take on the Rising Stars for the second time this season. In their last encounter back in December, Omagh Thunder finished with a big win with the final score ending 98-63. Thunder had high hopes for another victory over Rising Star however throughout the game the Rising Star gave Omagh Thunder zero lenience and pressed forward, challenging Thunder for every possession.

As the first quarter got underway both teams did well to challenge for the ball. Thunder found it hard to gather offensive rebounds but did well to secure defensive rebounds at their own end. The Rising Stars showed great athleticism in regards to speed and stamina however found it difficult breaking through the strength of Omagh Thunder who played a solid defence forcing their opponents to rely on their outside shooting.

The shooting by both teams was of exceptional quality, especially by the Weigh Inns Top scorer Padraig Donovan who nailed in 19 points inside the first quarter with five coming from 3-point shots. The quarter ended 30-18 to Omagh Thunder.

Omagh Thunder started the second quarter with a 12 point lead and did well throughout the quarter to maintain their lead however the Rising Stars were persistent to close the gap between them with, the Rising Stars won the quarter with 24 points to Omaghs 21 however Omagh maintained the slight advantage with 9 point at the end of the first half, the score being 51-42 to Omagh Thunder.

The third quarter saw a change by Thunder who fought for closure of this game. Stepping up their game in the third, Omagh Thunder hit the Rising Stars hard by closing out their shooting opportunities to deny them from making a comeback. The quarter ended 78-54 to Omagh, with Omagh Thunder limiting the Rising Stars to only 12 points in the third quarter while scoring 27 points, pushing them closer to another victory.

With the final quarter underway, it was vital for Thunder to concentrate on defence in order to maintain their lead which would secure another victory for the men. Not only did Thunder show a great display on defence but maintained great form on offence, with Thunders Vytaras Jankus scoring 6 consecutive points in the final minutes of the game to push Thunder over the 100 point mark.

The Weigh Inn’s MVP of the night goes to Neil Morris for his excellent display on defence that denied the Rising Star to drive to the basket and for leadership throughout the game that lead to another victory for Omagh Thunder. The final score 104-68 to Omagh Thunder.


Final score

Omagh Thunder – 104

Belfast Rising Stars – 68


 Team Photo

Omagh Thunder Vs. Strabane BC 25th February

Omagh Thunder played host to Strabane BC last Tuesday 25th February. With a home court advantage, Omagh Thunder was tremendously eager for their upcoming match against Strabane after narrowly missing out on a win in their previous encounter last November.

This time around it was Omagh who took a five point lead with Thunder’s Padraig Donovan scoring the first basket followed by a moral boosting 3-pointer to get this game underway. Strabane found it difficult to score against Thunder’s defence and were left several points down in the opening few minutes. At the end of the first quarter Omagh lead 16-10, giving Thunder a slight advantage however still anyone’s game.

Omagh stood out in the second quarter with their strong defensive structure forcing Strabane to take difficult outside shots, and with Thunder’s Stephen Mc Glynn and Devin Mc Kellar dominating the rebounds, it entitled Omagh to further their lead with scoring opportunities at the other end of the court. The second quarter ended with a spectacular finish from Thunder’s Padraig Donovan who did what he does best by scoring yet another 3-pointer right on the buzzer bringing the score at the end of the first half to 38-22 to Omagh Thunder.

In the 3rd quarter Omagh Thunder knew not to let their guard down as the Strabane men fought hard for possession however it was evident that Omagh fought even harder and were persistent not to give Strabane any leniency. With pure determination and drive, Thunder pushed on to achieve a 31 point lead going into the 4th quarter with a score of 68-37 to Omagh.

As the 4th quarter got underway, Omagh focused mainly on a defensive strategy to ensure another home victory for Thunder however Strabane were eager to break through Omagh’s defence to narrow the gap between the two sides. With eight minutes left of play the Weigh Inn’s MVP of the game, Thunder’s Stephen Mc Glynn contributed to the play of the night with his left handed dunk after beating his defender with a quick left step, taking only one step before slamming it into the net with his left hand causing a devastating blow to Strabane.

Strabane did all they could in the final quarter of the game and even manage three consecutive 3-point shots however it was Omagh Thunder who took the well deserved win with their excellent display of teamwork and shooting ability expressed by the Weigh Inn’s top scorer of the game, Thunder’s Padraig Donovan with 17 points, followed by Thunder’s Devin Mc Kellar with 15, and in addition there was also some impressive display of shooting from Thunder’s Captain Aidan Bradley and key player Joey Hale who tallied up 14 points each on the night.


Final score

Omagh Thunder – 79

Strabane BC – 51 

Thunder v Strabane 2

Omagh Thunder Seniors Vs. Belfast Pumas

Omagh Thunder played another home game on 11th February against Belfast Pumas and were determined for another victory after their last home victory the previous week. Omagh Thunder took to a great start offensively and quickly started to ease into a steady lead within the first quarter thanks to the strong offensive rebounds by Omagh’s Stephen McGlynn and Devin McKellar who dominated under the basket at each opportunity.

The steady lead by Omagh Thunder increased into the second quarter with Thunder leading by 19 points at the half way mark with a half time score of 36-17. However in the third quarter Belfast Pumas started to make great progress in a comeback, Omagh Thunder fought hard on defensive to stop the Pumas from scoring however they managed to score 18 points. Pumas performance in the third quarter unfortunately wasn’t enough as Omagh Thunder remained ahead by 13 points with a score line of 47-34 going into the last quarter.

It was evident that the Pumas had given everything they had in the third quarter as they fell tired in the fourth, slowly falling behind by more points as Omagh Thunder remained strong both on offense and defence. Omagh Thunder put up an impressive 24 points in the final quarter, giving Omagh Thunder another home victory with the final score 73-40 to Omagh.


The Weigh Inn’s Top Scorers

Stephen McGlynn – 14 points

Aidan Bradley – 13 points

Devin McKellar – 12 points


Final Score

Omagh Thunder – 73

Belfast Pumas – 40

Thunder v Puma

Omagh Thunder Seniors Vs. Carrick Flyers

Omagh Thunder played their home game against Carrick Flyers on the 4th February. They had already defeated the Flyers earlier in the season with a score of 64-48 and had high intentions of securing another win especially with a home advantage.

Omagh’s Aidan Bradley got the game underway with an opening 3-point shot which boosted Omagh’s morale. With a strong zone defence in the first quarter, Omagh Thunder denied the Flyers from driving towards the basket, forcing them to take outside shots which didn’t seem to hit target for the Carrick men. However at the other end of the court nothing seemed to stop Omagh Thunder from dominating the basket with both long and short range shots with some spectacular shooting from Omagh’s Dermot Gillan who seemed unstoppable with his mid ranged hook shot.

Omagh went in to the second quarter with a 17 point lead, a lead that was quickly increased by the Weigh Inns MVP of the night, Radoslaw Brandt, for his impressive performance with offensive rebounds and driving to the basket. Carrick Flyers put up a strong fight but just couldn’t manage to come back as much as they had hoped, especially with the shooting precision of Omagh’s Padraig Donovan who nailed three consecutive shots with the third being a long ranged 3-pointer hitting home just seconds before the end of the quarter buzzer.

In the second half of the game Omagh Thunder continued to increase their lead over Carrick Flyers with taking advantage of scoring opportunities and remaining strong of defence. The Flyers pushed on despite trailing behind, however were unsuccessful in their attempt to make a comeback as Omagh Thunder took home the win, with a final score of 80-51 to Omagh Thunder.


Final Score

Omagh Thunder – 80

Carrick Flyers – 51

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