Last Tuesday, 11th March, Omagh Thunder Basketball Club finished top in the Division Two BNI league after defeating Banbridge Eagles, securing them a position in the playoffs. Omagh Thunder won 14 of their 16 games this season and remains hopeful for the upcoming playoff semi-finals.

Thunder were quick to the lead in their match-up against Banbridge as Omaghs Devin Mc Kellar fought hard under the basket to put up the first points of the night. The Eagles did well to close out any driving opportunities for Thunder however this went down well for Omaghs captain Aidan Bradley who took advantage by effortlessly nailing three 3-point shots which quickly escalated Omaghs lead. Omaghs Joey Hale was also on form scoring 11 points in the first quarter giving Omagh Thunder a 15 point lead going into the second quarter of the game with a score of 24-9.

The Eagles were quick to change their defensive approach by closing down the outside shooters in the second quarter. Both teams put full effort into their defence making it difficult for any offensive opportunities on both ends. Omaghs Stephen Mc Glynn showed great performance under the basket in rebounding and went in hard on offence to put up his first points of the night, as well as Vytaras Jankus who secured further points for Omagh Thunder. The Eagles did well to stop Omagh from gaining a greater lead however Thunder still remained in the lead with a score of 33-22 going into the third quarter.

In the third quarter, Omagh Thunder started to further their lead by getting the ball inside to Stephen Mc Glynn who dominated under the basket, driving in hard against the Eagles and putting 10 points on the scoreboard. The Weigh Inn’s MVP of the night Aidan Bradley too seemed unstoppable in his outside shooting giving Omagh Thunder a further lead going into the final quarter of the game. Omagh Thunder were 20 points up going into the final quarter with the score 51-31 to Omagh.

As the fourth quarter got underway the Eagles showed no sign of giving up and persevered, challenging Omagh for possession however with the defensive efforts of Colin Donnelly and Don Hunter, the Eagles were unable to make any comeback giving Omagh Thunder a well deserved win to place them on top of the Division Two BNI league.


Final Score

Omagh Thunder – 65

Banbridge Eagles – 43